Over the years, MS Hope for a Cure has hosted numerous fun and educational events.

We are always seeking innovative and fun ways to raise money for MS and to involve different people in our fight against MS. Some past events that we have held are:

MS Friends for a Cure

Cat McKenzie, an MS Hope Board member and friend of EJs, along with other regular’s from Blondie’s on the Upper West Side, started this fun bar night with celebrity guest bartenders from WABC-TV.  There was karaoke, raffles, a great silent auction, and charity poker. This wonderful event ran for 10 years and raised over $111,000!

MS Spike for a Cure

In 2013, a group of EJ's friends wanted to help raise money to support her in her fight against MS. They organized a volleyball tournament in Central Park, which raised over $30,000 in one day!

MS Oscar Picks for a Cure

Starting in 2013, MS Hope ran an Oscar Pool to raise money for MS Hope. People who entered the pool made a donation of $25 per entry. Winners won movie related prizes, including a first place prize of tickets to the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles.

MS Kick for a Cure

Tim Divers, who was a starting kicker and punter for Lehigh University’s football team, raised $5,000 through donations tied to his kicking performance, in honor of his aunt.

MS Cut for a Cure

Xena, the owner of a hair salon in NYC, and her staff, dedicated proceeds from a day of hair cutting to MS Hope for a Cure. In one day, they raised over $5,000 for MS Hope!