MS Community Expert

Amie Hoff

Fitness Consultant, Personal Trainer Co-Founder, FitKit
Certified Personal Trainer , National Academy of Sports Medicine

Amie Hoff is an internationally recognized fitness expert, in the industry for over 20 years. Amie is dedicated to improving the lives of people everywhere. As a certified corporate wellness consultant, media contributor, public speaker and personal trainer, Amie thrives as a motivator and role model, sharing her expert fitness and health knowledge around the globe.

Amie is frequently called upon to provide health and fitness tips on TV, online and in the local, national and global press. Amie thrives on helping people everywhere get healthy and fit. She has been lucky enough to work with Dr. Oz (who loves FitKit!), and other notable media talents and outlets. Amie also had the privilege to share FitKit with Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank fame to gain insightful business strategies and the positive influence to grow the brand.